What Bob and the Democrats want to accomplish for you in the next legislative session:

Net Neutrality For Connecticut

We need to ensure that the desire for commercial gain and control does not impeded our access to Internet content. A free and open so- ciety expects this. That’s how the World Wide Web began. The bill I championed passed 18+18 party line vote, but never got called in the House of Representatives. I will continue to fight for this common sense legislation.

Earned Family Medical Leave

Paid time off is essential to avoid economic disaster when faced with the need to care for a newborn baby, a spouse or parent. Our solution for both employees and the self-employed is the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program, administered by the Conneticut Department of Labor. It offers covered employees one hundred per cent of their weekly earnings for up to 12 weeks.

Tuition-Free Community College

A college degree means an addition $1 million in average lifetime income. That’s a million dollars put back into our economy through additional purchases and investments.

A Livable Wage For Everyone

Connecticut’s minimum wage has increased from 2014’s $8.70/hr to 2017’s $10.10/hr. It’s still not enough. Our most recent goal in the Legis- lature was an increase to $12 in 2019, $13.50 in 2020, and $15 in 2021.

A Reliable Workforce Pipeline

Business is booming at Connecticut’s high-tech and defense industries. Now we need to get our education system in synch to provide qualified job candidates. We’re currently assessing our workforce development programs.

Protect Our Natural Resources

Democrats in the General Assembly will call for a full and public vetting of issues surrounding Connecticut’s natural resources. We want to ensure they’re properly protected and preserved for the people — not for businesses.

Modern Transportation Systems

Our economic success hinges on the quality of our transportation infrastructure. Improvements to Metro-North and the addition of CTfastrack and CTrail are all steps in the right direction. There’s more to come.

Reduced Prescription Drug Costs

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Rights are to be enjoyed equally, by everyone. Our agenda includes legislation to reduce prescrip- tion drug costs, making them affordable to everyone.

Expose “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

They’re anti-abortion counseling centers, accused of engaging in false or misleading advertising practices and providing medically inaccurate information. Democrats will introduce legislation to end their political agenda.

Free Contraception

Over 746,000 Connecticut women have been provided contraceptives at no cost. We’re working to expand coverage for contraception to include 12-month prescriptions and emergency contraception with no co-pay.

World-Class Tech Training

We need education systems to keep pace with employment demands. Democrats aim to ramp up investment in our technical high schools, apprenticeship programs, and community colleges.

Support For Community Hospitals

Our community hospitals are vital health care providers, major employers and bioscience incubators. Democrats in the House and Senate will work to support and grow our hospitals and ensure all residents have access to quality medical care.

Make Voting Easy

Getting to the polls on Election Day is a burden for some. By allowing voting on college campuses, we can ensure greater access to the ballot box for everyone, especially our college students.

Make Voting Early

Making voting early goes hand in hand with making voting easy. Our goal is increased voter participation. Democrats will propose a constitutional resolution on early voting so you can voice your opinion in a state- wide ballot.

Time left before polls open …

2018/11/06 06:00:00