A sense of fair play and equal opportunity are the hallmarks of a democratic society. Governments are obligated to protect the rights of citizens and to promote the general welfare – to Standing Up for You.

Recent Bi-Partisanship Legislative Wins

Democrats and Republicans put partisanship aside and worked together to pass a balanced state budget, make significent investments in transportation, provide critical funding to our schools, and combat the scourge of the opiate crisis where Dems led the way.

“Bump Stock” Ban

The Las Vegas shooter used a device called a bump stock, which allowed his semi-automatic rifle to mimic the capabilities of a fully automatic rifle. Fifty-eight people were killed. Sales of bump stocks have been banned in Connecticut. I sponsored a March for Gun Reform in late winter. Local students won significent recognition and praise for their impassioned pleas to stop gun violence. I will continue to invest in our school’s safety.

Protect Essential Health Care

This year, I championed a new law that protects and expands upon everyone’s access to basic health care for themselves and their children. This means that regardless of what happens in Washington, D.C., more people in Connecticut will be covered by essential health benefits that include prescription birth control, ambulance and emergency services, maternity and newborn health care, and mental health and substance use disorder services.

Promote The National Popular Vote

The Electoral College has run its course. We believe the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact will allow voters to directly elect a president without the need for a constitutional amendment, just like every other office in the land.

Equal Pay For Women

In an effort to close the pay gap between men and women, employers are now prohibited from asking prospective employees about previous job earnings and certain benefits. Prospective employees can sue employers who violate either of these legal protections.

Stop The Opioid Epidemic

From new reporting requirements to greater oversight over drug dispensers to expanding the administration of a drug that counters opioid effects, to opioid intervention courts, we will win this battle.

Supporting Seniors and Funding the Medicare Savings Program and their Housing Needs.

Restored funding to Conneticut’s Medicare Savings Program that supports over 150,000 seniors. Restored funding for seniors rental rebate.

Supporting Dreamers

They’ve paid into the financial aid fund with their tuition dollars. It’s only fair they should reap the benefits as well.

Free Credit Freezes

Connecticut passed a bill to prohibit credit agencies from charging a fee to place or remove security freezes.

Transportation Back On Track

I’ve eliminated the need for rail and bus fare hikes. Put an end to rail and bus service reductions too. On Election Day you get to vote on a constitutional amendment to establish a transportation lockbox and confirm my work to ensure funds intended for out transportation needs are used only for that pursose. Progress continues on the replacement of the Walk Bridge.

Multiple Wins I’ll Fight For In 2019 and 2020

I’m extremely proud of my colleagues in both chambers of the legislature. We were able to accomplish many things that will have a positive impact on the people of Connecticut. Still, with a short session this year, there are matters we had to postpone until next year.

Here’s my short list of issues I’m eager to address in the next session:

Net Neutrality For Connecticut
A Livable Wage For Everyone
Provide Earned Family Medical Leave
A Reliable Workforce Pipeline
Modern Transportation Systems
Tuition-Free Community College
World-Class Tech Training

Free Contraception
Expose “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”
Reduced Prescription Drug Costs
Support For Community Hospitals
Protect Our Natural Resources
Make Voting Easy
Make Voting Early

Time left before polls open …

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